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Weight Management

There is a significant difference between weight loss and Fat loss.
· Weight loss is for athletes looking to reach a certain weight category,
like in boxing or Bodybuilding.
· Fat loss is with the intention to lose excess fat for a slender physical

Many dietary products promising WEIGHT loss are usually diuretics which help
you lose water. This will drop your overall weight when stepping on scales but
does not contribute to FAT loss. Usually once finishing a course of diuretics you
will regain the lost water retention and your weight will return to its previous
MKTotalFitness does not support the use of such products.

"I told myself when I started this plan that If I was happy with the results I would do the photo shoot i've always been too afraid to do. I was always really self concious, but with all my calorie intake explained to me I'm finally confident enough to do the photo shoot I promised myself i would! Thank you Mike!! x"

-Professional Wrestler
"My original plan was simply hit the gym and lift whatever I could. Looking back at the way I used to train I wish I had met mike sooner. He really helped me plan a structured workout which complimented the parts of my physique that needed the most work. Sometimes you really need another pair of eyes to show you what you’re missing."

My calorie plan
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The process to determine your calorie intake and desired heart rate during exercise is quick and straight forward. A little maths is required but that will be explained to you.

There are many ways to measure fat percentages on the body. MKTotalFitness will assist you to measure your fat percentages with the method you are most comfortable with, calculate your minimum calorie intake, your energy expenditure, fat mass and lean mass. This process gives you the chance to really understand the process of calorie counting and energy expenditure, a skill which you will never lose.
Exercise for Fat Loss
Exercise for fat loss need not be boring.
Fat loss is very simple. The only time people fail is when they put there hopes on a “quick fix” product and not a lasting fat loss plan.
MKTotalFitness has helped people from all walks of life and athletes from around the world to achieve the fat loss desired.
With a mixture of circuit training, cardiovascular equipment and even street running, you will always be able to choose the programme best for you. 
Exercise for weight loss
If you are a professional/amateur athlete looking to drop body weight for an upcoming contest, contact MKTotalFitnessElite to see what coaching can be provided for your needs.
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