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Muscular Development


-Amateur Bodybuilder
"You know you're in safe hands with MKTotalFitness. Form, posture, technique. All the little tricks of the trade to help stimulate the muscle and gain maximum results. This is what you can expect from your training. Worth every penny."

ďI never wanted to get too big. I just wanted to have a nice set of arms to show off to my girlfriend. Mike showed me a million and one ways to work the different parts of the arm. Different angles and little tricks to keep the tension on the muscle the whole time instead of cheating yourself. It was never boring. His knowledge was incredible and got me the results I wanted. The things he's taught me are the kinds of things I've never been shown before."

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Personal training: £30 per hour
Group session: £15 per person per hour
Going it alone?
Muscular development is the art of not only shaping the body to be more aesthetically pleasing, but to improve the performance of your body in every day tasks. Having a well developed muscular frame is the key to a longer life, a boost in confidence and a happy and healthy nervous system benefiting you in later life.

When speaking with clients regarding there desire for a muscular build, they often shy away from the subject as if they expect ridicule. This attitude prevents them from aiming at what they really want and hinders there progress.
If you want a muscular frame, thatís what youíll get!
Whether you want to win bodybuilding titles or simply look good on the beach, your goals are reachable.

Your muscular development plan will focus on the areas most important to you. Your plan will target weaker areas and bring about in you a well balanced muscular frame.
MKTotalFitness will guide you through a detailed induction and demonstration of all the equipment you will be using.
Your welfare is our prime concern.

Once every four weeks, you will sit with your trainer for a detailed review of the past sessions and the results achieved. Then alterations will be made to the training with new exercises introduced, new routines and a variety of methods to always keep achieving the results you want.
Want to bring a friend? Training alone can be nerve racking. If you have a friend or a partner who wants to train with you, MKTotalFitness can provide a plan both of you can follow as a joint training session under the instruction of your trainer. Discounted prices will be available when training two or more clients together.
-Michael Kohlweg and Mr Olympia contestant Tony Freeman, photographed at training seminar.
MKTotalFitnessElite has developed and supported athletes from around the world. Time and attention is placed into every contestants needs to ensure the best possible conditioning leading up to an event. From the very first step with any client, right up to the moment they lift their trophy, MKTotalFitnessElite is there to push you to victory.
The wealth of knowledge gained through the years working and competing with some of the greatest athletes in the world has given MKTotalFitnessElite the ability to be the trainer of champions. If you are an athlete looking to go pro, contact MKTotalFitnessElite to see what we can offer you today!
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