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My name is Michael Kohlweg. Founder of MKTotalFitness. CYQ and JSLA certified.
I have learned through my years teaching first aid and my time in the fitness industry that having a qualification is a brilliant way of making sure your clients are protected from "DIY trainers." However, I feel my qualifications in both Adult and Child fitness would be meaningless without the wealth of experience I have gained through my own trial and error.
I am currently an eight time Bodybuilding champion. I started competing at the age of seventeen and won the under eighteens 1st place championship twice. I continued to compete numerous times in the NPA (Natural Physique Association) which is a drug free organisation holding stringent drug testing in its contests, purifying the sport and bringing honour back to competition.

I went on to win the 1st place under twenty ones championship along with the 1st place Heart of England trophy in my age category. After which I went on to win the 1st place Mike Williams Classic cup in my age category and secure two separate qualifications to the British finals.
I have had a moderately successful career as a male model. However my most notable claim to fame is my professional wrestling career, which has led me to perform all over the world including televised appearances broadcast throughout America, Canada, Mexico and Japan. 
We can all agree life is short, the more time you spend thinking about something, the less time you have to do it!
I was never afraid to fail. And I failed a lot. But I succeeded more. Because I never stopped trying. So with my athletic and academic background on display for you, take a moment and ask yourself, why take advice from anyone else?
As my old mentor Stuie Plato used to tell me:
I never said it was going to be easy, but I guarantee itll be worth it!
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