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Eating Right

Tackling your body transformation with training alone?
FACT: 50% of your progress is dietary based. Right food = Right results.

Many clients have stumbeled at the same hurdle. The diet. Have you ever stood infront of the fridge knowing you are hungry but not knowing what to eat? Before finally surrendering to a microwave meal?
The problem often lies not in the lack of motivation, but the simple lack of knowledge.
Knowledge is power. And though it may seem daunting when we discuss the idea of calorie counting or complex carbohydrates, MKTotalFitness has published a way which simplifies the whole process.

-Professional Wrestler.
"Mike is an animal in the gym. A great trainer. I've never trained so hard in my life. Leaving the gym after a session with Mike is enjoyable because you know you've really achieved something."

"The MKTotalFitness food diary was so useful for my calorie counting. It really helped me understand what foods I should eat and when I should eat them."

Dear Food Diary...
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Your personal food diary is the key to not just being told what a diet mistake is, but understanding it and seeing where your own diet falls short.
The MKTotalFitness food diary has been proven internationally as one of the greatest tools in your upcoming WAR ON THE WOBBLE!
You will receive weekly consultations to assist in your meal planning along with the assessments of your food diary to help confirm to you that you are on the right track. Out of hours phone assistance with meal planning is included in the price package.
"Diet" you say?
Unfortunately there is a great deal of misunderstanding when the term "dieting" is thrown around.

Myths about "dieting"

"I will feel hungry all day"
"I can't eat any calories"
"I won't be able to get out of bed in the morning"
"I don't have the discipline to stick it out"
"I can't eat any of my favourite foods"
"I have to starve for 4 weeks"

The word "Diet" refers to what your daily intake of food and drink consists of.
A "Diet" is not a temporary fasting programme, but a permanent lifestyle change.
MKTotalFitness will help you understand the principles behind which foods provide which results. A balanced diet is not 8 weeks of bread sticks and celery. A balanced diet consists of far more variety than the average diet, and all the wonderful flavours the world has to offer. All it takes is a little insight to what to eat and when to eat it. And that is exactly what you'll get. 

Go to war on your wobble with all the right weapons!
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