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"I was nervous at first as I had never been in a gym before. Mike helped me relax and focus. He helped me understand that everyone in the gym was there for the same reason. We we're all trying to achieve the same thing. When he explained that to me I actually felt more comfortable in the gym than any time Iíve ever gone to buy clothes or gone out for dinner. It's safe to say Iíve caught the gym bug. It's no longer a chore. I look forward to it!"

"In just the first couple of weeks, as I started to see my strength increase I had this huge sense of achievement. Like nothing Iíve ever gotten from work before. I didnít need someone to tell me I was doing well, I could see it. And that is one of the greatest feelings you could hope for. You'll never understand it until you experience it yourself."

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Office: 01793 979081
Mobile:07788 775994
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