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1 to 1 Training

1 to 1 training sessions are available from MKTotalFitness at competitive prices.
Whatever your goals may be, MKTotalFitness can help you achieve them.

With so much equipment in any modern gym, including a constant flow of new machinery, it can seem a little daunting looking at some of the bizarre contraptions stood before you. MKTotalFitness will guide you through a detailed induction and demonstration of all the equipment you will be using.
Your welfare is our prime concern.

Once every four weeks, you will sit with your trainer for a detailed review of the past sessions and the results achieved. Then alterations will be made to the training with new exercises introduced, new routines and a variety of methods to always keep achieving the results you want.


"I've trained with quite a few instructors in the past, but Mike is one of the very few trainers who are the physical proof that what he's telling you works, actually works! You don't win all those bodybuilding trophies by accident. The man knows his stuff!"

-Professional Wrestler
I worked with Mike whilst he was over in the US. Very polite man. I really appreciated how passionate he was about fitness. His knowledge is astonishing and with his background you can take comfort in knowing he's not just reciting a text book, he's lived what he teaches. I trained with him as much as I could before he headed back to the UK, but if he was over here permanently, Id train with him as often as I could."

Office: 01793 979081    Mobile:07788 775994    Email:
Personal Training: 30 per hour
Group session: 15 per person per hour
Want to bring a friend? Training alone can be nerve racking. If you have a friend or a partner who wants to train with you, MKTotalFitness can provide a plan both of you can follow as a joint training session under the instruction of your trainer. Discounted prices will be available when training two or more clients together.
Going it alone?
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