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Home to some of the most experienced minds in the Fitness industry.
Specialising in 1 to 1 private gym sessions, group sessions, weight management, muscular development and dietary planning for everyone!
Whether you’re a nervous first timer looking for the support you need, or a seasoned professional looking for that push to reach the top, MKTotalFitness is the place to turn. MKTotalFitness caters to the needs of the individual, not just the demographic. Everyone is different and so your fitness regime will be taloured to you.
So what are you waiting for? We're here to help you every step of the way. Click on the services you are most interested in and take the first step to the version of you you've always wanted!


-Competitive swimmer.
"I contacted MKTotalFitness to help with my endurance. Since working with Michael I have improved my strength, my flexibilty and most importantly my lap times!! I'd recommend MKTotalFitness to anyone.
Thank you for all your support!! x"

"I've always wanted a flat stomach for as long as I can remember. I had been putting on size around my middle for a while and was embarrassed to take my shirt off in the summer. I didn't really know what to do. Eat right? Lift weights? Run? Do sit ups? There were too many opinions and not enough facts. MKTotalFitness cut through all the jargon and laid out a simple plan of action for me. Guided me through every step. They were really kind and made me feel like I was really achieving something. Thank you MKTotalFitness."


I never said it was going to be easy, but I guarantee it’ll be worth it!”
Office: 01793 979081
Mobile:07788 775994
Office: 01793 979081    Mobile:07788 775994    Email:
MKTotalFitnessElite supports professional athletes from England, France and
the United States.

Such athletes as:
· Competitive swimmers,
· Golfers,
· Bodybuilders
· Pole dancers
· Power lifters
· and even professional Wrestlers.

If you are a professional athlete, or an athlete looking to go pro, contact
MKTotalFitnessElite to see how we can help you to progress to the level you
want to be!

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Bio-synergy supplements now available!
MKTotalFitness has landed a sponsorship deal with one of the UK's leading supplement companies Bio-Synergy. For pro/am athletes looking for the nutritional support they need, come to MKtotalFitness
Elite for 35% discount!
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